“Italia 4.0″: the future of Industry 4.0 in Italy

Italy developed a plan for Industry 4.0: the governments will invest €13 billions in innovation and digital manufacturing.

This plan, also thanks to subsidies and investments, aims at digitalizing all the stages of the production process in Italian indistries. Alongside, an investment plan that should mobilize, according to the government, more than €50 billions on the whole, coming from both public and privat funds.
The goal, which is real manna from heaven for all those who work in the innovation field, is to induce companies to update their production processes and then start a true “Italia 4.0″.

The excerpt below better depicts what has already been planned and what will be of the “Italia 4.0″ plan iin the next few years:

“The “Italia 4.0” project is ready. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will likely present it on September 21, together with Economic Development Minister Carlo Calenda and Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan.
The plan is expected to attract €10 billion of additional industrial investment, and €7 billion for research and development through tax incentives, support to venture capital, ultra-broadband development, educational training in schools and universities, and state-of-the-art research centers.
Around €7 billion of additional public funds will be paid between 2017 and 2020, adding to €7.5 billion already approved (especially with the ultra-broadband plan ). The “growth-friendly” project goes beyond the industrial sector, with the ambition to make Italy a leading G-7 player in 2017 also in forging alliances with other countries.
According to government estimates, the public injection will multiply by 4.5 times private investment targeted to the industrial sector, expected to rise from €80 billion to €90 billion per year. Also, private spending in R&D innovation is expected to increase by €7 billion to €20 billion from €13 billion.”

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